45th and Park Ave

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Location: 45th and Park
Price: $5.00
Container: Circle (Tin)

Back when I reviewed Rahman’s Kwik Meal, I was a little concerned that I went to the wrong cart.  By this, I mean that Rahman’s didn’t have many people outside of it, and when I was walking back to my office, I passed this cart which had a HUGE line.  I was sad.  Anyways I decided to walk back to this cart today and let me tell you, I know why it had such a long line!

It’s your standard Chicken and Rice plate, chicken with lettuce & tomato served over (orange) rice with white sauce and hot sauce.  The chicken is cut up into nice little chunks of chicken, although there could be just a LITTLE bit more.  The rice flavored very nicely, which works out well because there isn’t enough chicken.  When you mix up the plate, at first you might be a little disappointed that there isn’t enough white and hot sauce.  It all but disappears into the food.  Additionally, the hot sauce looks more like water than hot sauce.  Regardless — these two sauces combine to have the greatest flavor!  It’s almost like a salad dressing with a nice spicy kick to it!  It really enhances the flavor of the entire dish.

This cart is GOOD.  Very, very good.  If my office was closer, I could alternate between this cart and Rahman’s every day (it’s not Rahman good though :)).

white and hot sauce combo is AMAZING
good flavored chicken, just not enough

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