Rahman’s Kwik Meal: 47th and Park

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Location: 47th and Park
Price: $6.00
Container: Square (clear plastic)

When I first arrived at Rahman’s, I was a little unsure about this cart.  They were handing out Chicken and Rice in a clear plastic container — and it didn’t look anything like normal chicken and rice — it had white rice, green hot sauce, and it didn’t look like any white sauce!  AND it was $6.00!  Then walking back, I passed another cart that had a HUGE line, and thought maybe I had made a mistake — I dwelled on the entire walk back.

I opened the container, mixed up the food, and dug in.  I was pleasantly surprised.  There was a real salad (well, lettuce, tomato, and onion — but everything was shredded nice and I could have put some real dressing on it).  The chicken was amazing!  It was nice evenly sized chunks of chicken, well flavored, great tenderness — no hard chunks, no cartilage, just perfect, well cooked chicken.  The white rice… was the best part, I think.  The rice felt more like couscous than rice!  It gave the overall texture of the plate something extra.  Hot sauce was well flavored and spicy (I got a bit extra cause I wasn’t sure if he put enough on).  The white sauce was just amazing.  It was creamy, well balanced, and covered the entire meal perfectly without overpowering it!

This cart was something I could have gotten for dinner in a nice restaurant, but for $6.00.  Aside from my initial bias, the entire eating experience was perfect — specifically because it wasn’t like every other chicken and rice cart out there.  This is so far, the best overall Chicken and Rice cart that I have ever gotten.  And yes, I have had 53rd and 6th.

perfect chicken
perfect rice
excellent balance of hot and white sauce

UPDATE: I just came across some interesting news!  I’ve heard of Street Meat Palooza before — I’ve actually read their rankings, too!  I just had no idea that Rahman’s Kwik Meal was ranked #1 for their Street Meat Palozza 2!  I agree with them.  It’s easily the best street meat I’ve had.

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