43rd and 6th Ave

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43rd and 6th Ave

Location: 43th and 6th Ave
Price: $5
Container: Rectangle (Styrofoam)

So I haven’t done a review in a while!  But I haven’t gone anywhere!  Today I went for a nice long walk.  I think the area I work at is running out of carts for me to review!  I guess I’ll just have to start taking longer walks.  Anyways, I ventured up to Bryant Park and grabbed some chicken and rice from a nice guy on 43rd and 6th Avenue.  I sat down at an empty table in the park and ate.  It was nice.

Overall the platter was pretty decent.  Standard chicken over rice (yellow or white, your choice), lettuce, tomato, peppers, onion, and peas — that’s all I think.  The plate itself was HUGE.  There was a LOT of food.  I wasn’t actually able to finish it all, which is a rare defeat for me.  The chicken was very good.  Really tender, flavorful, and plenty to go around.  It had an excellent chicken to rice ratio.  All the ingredients really mixed well together.  The only downside to the dish was the white sauce and hot sauce.  They was very little of both.  At first taste the white sauce was very good, with a nice ranchy flavor to it.  But there just wasn’t enough after the first few bites.  The hot sauce — well, I didn’t taste any.  At all.  But regardless, it was a good meal.

Good food, A LOT of food
White sauce was good, the little that was there
Either the hot sauce had zero flavor, or it wasn’t there even though I asked for it. Either way.

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