Rahman’s Kwik Meal: 45th and 3rd Ave

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Rahman's Chicken and Rice

Location: 45th and 3rd Ave
Price: $5.50
Container: Square (clear plastic)

I originally reviewed Rahman’s Kwik Meal on 47th and Park Ave a few months ago, and I LOVED IT.  I don’t like the idea of reviewing a chain twice, but I didn’t realize it was another Rahman’s until after I already ordered.  Oh well.  When the guy handed me my food without asking me if I wanted white sauce and hot sauce, I got a bit nervous.  But it didn’t matter.  The dish was just as good as the first Rahman’s I reviewed.

I will admit there were a couple of small differences.  For some reason, the food in this cart seemed a bit — for lack of a better word — stale.  It just didn’t seem as fresh as the other cart.  That’s not to say it was bad, or tasted wrong — I could just tell it wasn’t super fresh.  I eat lunch rather early (12pm) so if I went later it’s more than possibly the food would have tested fresher.  Additionally, the guy didn’t give me enough hot sauce — where the other cart was just a perfect amount.

Other than those issues, the dish was great.  Great chicken, great rice, and the white sauce is easily the best I’ve had.

chicken, rice, sauces are just as good as the first Rahman’s cart I reviewed!
food could have been fresher

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