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Chicken and RiceLocation: NW Corner of 48th & Broadway
Price: $5.00
Container: Rectangular (Styrofoam)

It’s kind of a stressful day at work today, so I needed some good lunch.  I didn’t want to go super far because it’d not lookin to nice outside, so I decided to go with XPL on 48th & Broadway as recommended (#6) in Street Meat Palooza 3.

Me: “Chicken over Rice, Please”
Guy: “Veggies?”
Me: “Sure”
Guy: “White Sauce & Hot Sauce?”
Me: “Yup”
Guy “Eggplant?”
Me: “Uhh… sure why not”
Guy “Green Sauce?”
Me: “Uhh… sure why not”

Too many questions!  But boy was I glad he asked them all.  Let me tell you… between all the different flavors in the dish — it was GOOD.  The dish consisted of chickpeas, regular peas, carrots, a nice eggplant mix, lettuce/tomato, pita bread, and a falafel!  Everything blended together perfectly to create a nice relaxing dish.  It was just so good.  The only two things that really stuck out in my mind were: 1) the rice was really flavorful.  excellent, and 2) hot sauce was not hot at all.  Didn’t seem like there was any in there.  I would have enjoyed the dish just a TAD bit more if it was spicer!

If you are near, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not trying this cart.

Veggies + eggplant + chicken + rice + sauces
Hot sauce could be a tad bit spicer

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