Adham’s Halal Food: 35th and Broadway

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Chicken and RiceLocation: 35th and Broadway
Price: $5.00
Container: Rectangular (Styrofoam)

I love summer!  I read about this cart on Midtown Lunch’s Street Meat Palooza 2, and thought “it’s close enough, let me go try it!”  First, it was not as close as I thought for some reason.  Second, I decided to eat in Herald’s Square — and BOY WAS IT ENJOYABLE.  Anyway, on to the food.  After going back and looking at Midtown Lunch’s picture, I think that the cart they reviewed was different than what I reviewed, because the food definitely doesn’t look the same.  Either way, I really enjoyed this Chicken and Rice!

The chicken was broken up into nice small chunks which was served over orange rice.  The white sauce was mediocre and the hot sauce had a very nice flavor to it (not TOO spicy!).  Standard lettuce and tomato on the side.  Cooked into the chicken was some peppers, not sure what kind.  I have to say though that I really enjoyed the rice!  I think it was my favorite part of the dish.

Orange Rice was MMMMMMM!
Good portion size! I wasn’t stuffed but didn’t leave anything
White sauce was just OK.

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