NOT White & Hot: 28th and Madison

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Location: 28th and Madison
Price: $5
Container: Rectangular (Styrofoam)

It’s a beautiful day outside, so I go to Madison Square Park and relax for a bit.  On the way back, I’m thinking… hmm I should get some Chicken and Rice.  I really wanted White & Hot on 28th and Madison, so I make my way there.  When I approached, I didn’t see the signature yellow truck, but there was a Halal truck there so I figured it was just a different truck for the weekend.  When I approached it just seemed different, oh well.  I ordered.  The guy gave me a choice of rice (I got yellow) which was weird cause White & Hot normally doesn’t give a choice.  Then he asked if I wanted fries, and I KNEW it wasn’t the same guys.  I was disappointed — but at least it’s time for another review!

On to the food, overall it was just ok.  The chicken was smaller chunks, and there wasn’t enough.  The rice was pretty good, and the fries were the best I’ve had from a C&R cart (not soggy!).  The white sauce was average as well, but there wasn’t enough.  The hot sauce however, was HOT.  It was so hot that it really overpowered everything in the plate.  It had good flavor in the beginning but it just kept building up and became hotter and hotter.  Eventually I couldn’t even finish the dish because it was so hot.  So beware!

I’m not really sure what the deal is with this cart, because it’s in the exact location that White & Hot is.  I thought maybe it’s a different cart on the weekends — but I’m pretty sure I’ve had it on a weekend.  I don’t know.  I just hope the original White & Hot isn’t gone.  It’d be very disappointing to have one of the best C&R carts in the city replaced by another average cart!

good chicken, not enough
white sauce is pretty good, just not enough
hot sauce is way too hot!
not nearly as good as White & Hot. They’re tricking me!

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