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Rafiqi’s: 39th and Park Ave

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Rafiqi's Truck, 39th and Park AveLocation: 39th and Park Ave
Price: $4.75
Container: Rectangular (Styrofoam)

It’s another beautiful day in the city so I decided to go for a walk today!  I came upon another Rafiqi’s truck.  I know Rafiqi has a bunch of carts throughout the city, so I was curious as to how similar (or different) they were from each other!).  Overall, the plate is identical to the first Rafiqi’s Truck I reviewed.  I’m not going to rehash the similarities of the entire plate as it’s pretty much the same as my previous review.  I will talk about the differences though.

If you remember, I was not that excited about the large chunks of chicken.  This cart however, does a better job of chopping of their chicken.  Also, I think the chicken is much more tender.  While the white sauce tastes the same, this cart gives out much more to cover your plate!  Having a lot of white sauce is NEVER a bad thing!  The hot sauce is a bit different, too.  I don’t know if this cart gives less, but it does not seem as spicy.  Tends to have the same flavor, but definitely not as spicy (not necessarily a bad thing!).

Overall, the food from the two carts are practically identical.  However, I’d have to give the edge to this cart.  The smaller pieces of chicken and extra white sauce really do make a difference!

more white sauce than 39th and 3rd truck
smaller, more tender peices of chicken, too!

XPL Halal Food – 43rd and 2nd

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Location: 43rd and 2nd
Price: $5.00
Container: Rectangle (Styrofoam)

I ventured out today and walked randomly until I came across a Chicken and Rice cart.  It was fun.  I also passed by this Energy Kitchen place with a line a block long (literally).  Apparently they are giving out free lunch for tax day.  They should have just went to XPL and gotten some C&R!  Anyways, on to what I thought!  To be honest, this didn’t seem like a regular Chicken and Rice dish, but more of an Indian style plate.  The curry was very evident.  After a few bites, I really started to enjoy it.  The curry really sets it apart from other C&R carts with some very good flavor.  There was plenty of nice, smaller chunks chicken.  Between the white sauce, hot sauce, and the curry — everything blended together to give some really nice flavor.  The spice was from the curry and was not overpowering at all.

If you’re looking for something a BIT different, definitely try this cart — that is, unless you don’t like curry!

Curried white/hot sauce really adds a nice distinctive flavor to the dish.
Overall just a very enjoyable dish to eat

45th and Park Ave

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Location: 45th and Park
Price: $5.00
Container: Circle (Tin)

Back when I reviewed Rahman’s Kwik Meal, I was a little concerned that I went to the wrong cart.  By this, I mean that Rahman’s didn’t have many people outside of it, and when I was walking back to my office, I passed this cart which had a HUGE line.  I was sad.  Anyways I decided to walk back to this cart today and let me tell you, I know why it had such a long line!

It’s your standard Chicken and Rice plate, chicken with lettuce & tomato served over (orange) rice with white sauce and hot sauce.  The chicken is cut up into nice little chunks of chicken, although there could be just a LITTLE bit more.  The rice flavored very nicely, which works out well because there isn’t enough chicken.  When you mix up the plate, at first you might be a little disappointed that there isn’t enough white and hot sauce.  It all but disappears into the food.  Additionally, the hot sauce looks more like water than hot sauce.  Regardless — these two sauces combine to have the greatest flavor!  It’s almost like a salad dressing with a nice spicy kick to it!  It really enhances the flavor of the entire dish.

This cart is GOOD.  Very, very good.  If my office was closer, I could alternate between this cart and Rahman’s every day (it’s not Rahman good though :)).

white and hot sauce combo is AMAZING
good flavored chicken, just not enough

Shady’s Halal Food: 40th and Lexington

Author Steve    Category Murray Hill     Tags

Location: 40th and Lexington
Price: $5.00
Container: Rectangle (Styrofoam)

Such a beautiful day outside, what better way to celebrate with some chicken and rice?!  I got to Shady’s Halal Food and there was this bike messenger on a phone talking to someone.  Then he gave the phone back to Shady!  It was… well, Shady!  Anyways — the food.  It’s decent.  The chicken comes in chunks — not huge, but they could be smaller.  What’s really nice about the chicken is there are chopped carrots, tomatoes, and broccoli cooked in — which gives some good flavor (and make up for the lack of chicken flavor) and texture to the dish.  You get a choice of three different kinds of rice; orange, white, and fried? — I got orange.  It had great texture — but only so much flavor.  The white sauce was barely noticeable flavor-wise … but it really moistened up the entire plate so I was pretty happy.  Hot sauce had GOOD flavor.  It was a nice kind of spicy, too.  Usually the more spicy food you eat the hotter your mouth gets, well not so much with this.  It got my mouth hot and then it stayed there and just kept kick in in some flavor!

Choice of rices!
Cooked in Veggies!
White sauce moistened the dish well, but not much flavor

23rd and Park

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Location: 23rd and Park
Price: $5.00
Container: Rectangle (Styrofoam)

When I first dug into this dish I was pretty happy.  There was a good amount of food — it came with lettuce, fries, and a falafel — and everything tasted pretty good.  However as I kept going — the food started to become more plain.  I’m not really sure why, but it did.  The chicken was mediocre — large chunks that were soft, tender, and had a bit of flavor (more-so in the beginning).  The rice was plain yellow rice — it almost seemed dry to me, though I’m not sure why.  I enjoyed the hot sauce — it was nice and spicy that had more flavor than spice.  There was not enough white sauce by any means.  The lettuce was blah (think of tearing off a few pieces from a head of iceberg and eating it straight).  And the falafel?  Well, I did not enjoy it.

The best part for me was the fries.  Everything just seemed so plain so every time I got a fry it really enhanced everything about the bite.

hot sauce
not enough white sauce
everything just seemed so plain!
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