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Detour: 25th and Lexington

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Location: 25th and Lexington
Price: $5.00
Container: Rectangle (Styrofoam)

I want to first start off by saying that I am honored to be Street Meat Steve’s first detour!  I am in no way a Street Meat connoisseur, only having it a handful of times. I’ve always gotten chicken and rice, but this time I decided to go with the lamb gyro.  Boy was it good!  So, I got Lamb Gyro over yellow rice with white sauce and a little bit of hot sauce (I can’t handle a lot of heat!), it came with lettuce and tomato. I mixed it all together (another thing I never have done before) and went to it. It was AMAZING, first of all, the lamb was so flavorful and moist. Best street meat I have ever tasted, but that doesn’t go far since I never had the lamb before. The meat flavor had a bit of a spicy kick after-taste. Delicious. I enjoyed the crisp lettuce, and tomatoes to cool down the flavor. The white sauce could have been better- it wasn’t as flavorful as others, and a bit thin, almost watered down.

I would definitely go to this cart again, but I am looking forward to ordering lamb at other carts to see if lamb is just better than chicken in general.

Flavorful Lamb
Lettuce and Tomato
White Sauce watery

Introducing: DETOURS!

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You know, sometimes Street Meat Steve needs a break.  Sometimes he’s tired.  Sometimes, as much as he loves Street Meat, he wants something else for lunch, or dinner!  Well he has an easy way to solve that: Detours!  There are so many people who come up to Steve and say “Hey Steve, your site is so awesome, how do I get on it?!”  It’s actually pretty easy.  First, you have to actually know Steve.  Second, you just have to visit a Street Cart, take a picture of the food, and review it.  Steve would prefer that Detour reviews aren’t Chicken — because that’s his forté — but he’ll take what he can get.  Detours wont be posted often, but they will be posted.  Check out the first one, coming up soon!


Halal Food – 40th and 3rd Ave

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Location: 40th and Third Ave
Price: $5.00
Container: Rectangle (Styrofoam)

So let me first start off by saying for $5 you get not only your regular chicken and rice with salad, but you get a drink (I got a bottle of water), a choice of yellow or white rice (I got yellow), some falafel, and optional fries!  I will also add that I have been to this cart before and was not impressed.  However, that changed today!  The chicken was excellent.  It plentiful, cut up in nice small chunks, had great flavor — and even had some veggies mixed in (carrots, broccoli, onions — I think that’s all).  White sauce was pretty good.  It had decent taste, it was a good balance of creaminess — and there was plenty to go around.  At first I was disappointed with the amount of hot sauce — there didn’t seem to be enough — but I was wrong.  After mixing everything up, the white and hot sauce spread evenly over everything and seemed to cover almost every morsel of food in the dish.

Overall, this was a very good cart! I’m not sure why I did not enjoy it last time, but I will definitely have it again!

Bottle of water included!
Everything about the chicken
White and Hot sauce provide great coverage for the rest of the food.

Halal Food – 25th and Lexington

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Location: 25th and Lexington
Price: $5.00
Container: Rectangle (Styrofoam)

So let me first start off by saying, if you go to this cart during the day — be prepared to be surrounded by a bunch of immature college (or high school) kids who think they are tougher than God.  This cart is located right in front of Baruch College.  Once you get your food though, you’re in the clear.  This is a standard Chicken and Rice plate with a lettuce and tomato salad, and carrots and onions mixed into the chicken, all served over yellow rice.  The carrots and onions definitely give the dish some needed flavor.  I say this because the chicken — while shredded, tender, and plentiful (an excellent chicken to rice ratio) — could use some more flavor.  The white sauce is good, but could be a bit creamier, and there definitely wasn’t enough.  The hot sauce is SPICY.  I think it’s got more spice to it than flavor, which I typically don’t like.

Overall, though this dish was pretty good.  I’d definitely ask for a little bit more white sauce and a little bit less hot sauce if you go.

Great overall flavor comes from veggies mixed in, and a good ratio of chicken to rice.
Chicken is plentiful, shredded, and tender — but not very flavorful
not enough white sauce. hot sauce is to spicy.

Rahman’s Kwik Meal: 47th and Park

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Location: 47th and Park
Price: $6.00
Container: Square (clear plastic)

When I first arrived at Rahman’s, I was a little unsure about this cart.  They were handing out Chicken and Rice in a clear plastic container — and it didn’t look anything like normal chicken and rice — it had white rice, green hot sauce, and it didn’t look like any white sauce!  AND it was $6.00!  Then walking back, I passed another cart that had a HUGE line, and thought maybe I had made a mistake — I dwelled on the entire walk back.

I opened the container, mixed up the food, and dug in.  I was pleasantly surprised.  There was a real salad (well, lettuce, tomato, and onion — but everything was shredded nice and I could have put some real dressing on it).  The chicken was amazing!  It was nice evenly sized chunks of chicken, well flavored, great tenderness — no hard chunks, no cartilage, just perfect, well cooked chicken.  The white rice… was the best part, I think.  The rice felt more like couscous than rice!  It gave the overall texture of the plate something extra.  Hot sauce was well flavored and spicy (I got a bit extra cause I wasn’t sure if he put enough on).  The white sauce was just amazing.  It was creamy, well balanced, and covered the entire meal perfectly without overpowering it!

This cart was something I could have gotten for dinner in a nice restaurant, but for $6.00.  Aside from my initial bias, the entire eating experience was perfect — specifically because it wasn’t like every other chicken and rice cart out there.  This is so far, the best overall Chicken and Rice cart that I have ever gotten.  And yes, I have had 53rd and 6th.

perfect chicken
perfect rice
excellent balance of hot and white sauce

UPDATE: I just came across some interesting news!  I’ve heard of Street Meat Palooza before — I’ve actually read their rankings, too!  I just had no idea that Rahman’s Kwik Meal was ranked #1 for their Street Meat Palozza 2!  I agree with them.  It’s easily the best street meat I’ve had.


Halal Food: 41st and 3rd Ave

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Location: 41st and 3rd Ave
Price: $5.00
Container: Rectangular (Styrofoam)

There’s no better way to turn around your Monday than by getting some good old Chicken and Rice for lunch, right?  Right.  I decided to venture out in the rain and came upon a newish cart on 41st and 3rd Ave.  It was run by a nice looking older couple.  This C&R had a very minimalistic feel to it.  Straight lettuce and a few slices of tomato, chicken, and rice.  I actually enjoyed that feel.  It was enjoyable — compared to all the other carts who try to throw in every piece of what they can find to give their food something extra.  The chicken was cut up in to smaller chunks (not shredded, however), good flavor, and good texture.  The rice was a tad plain.  Hot sauce… was… HOT (much spicier than Rafiqi’s Truck) — but gave the dish some really good flavor!.  White sauce?  There wasn’t enough at all.  I’d definitely get this cart again!

minimalistic, straight-forward dish
good hot sauce (spicy!)
not enough white sauce

Halal Food: 23rd and Park Ave

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Location: 23th and Park
Price: $5.00
Container: Rectangular (Styrofoam)

Upon opening the container I was very happy.  The chicken and rice was topped with french fries, carrots, tomatoes, jalapeno, and a single falafel!  I mixed it up and dug in.  Overall, this was average.  The white sauce was okay (too watery), there wasn’t enough hot sauce, and the fries were cold.  I usually don’t have a falafel so it was a nice treat, and it was pretty good.  The jalapenos actually gave the whole dish a nice flavor that I am not used to having in a C&R dish — almost like a tex-mex kick to it.  It was interesting.  The chicken was nice and shredded, but just average.  The yellow rice was average, too.  My major, major issue, was that I got a huge chunk of cartilage in the chicken.  I was actually enjoying the dish until this happened, so I think it turned me off and gave me a negative bias to the rest of the food.  So would I get this chicken and rice again?  Probably not, unless I was really craving some C&R and it was the only cart around.

fries, jalapenos, and falafel
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